Services for Families and Carers

Our family support programme enables us to work with the child and their issues within the family group.

Short term:

  • Case work based individual parent and child sessions in school to address a range of learning and behaviour issues and improve parental involvement and engagement with the school.

Longer Term:

  • Bespoke courses for groups of parents to develop parenting skills such as behaviour management, promoting learning, providing ideas for creative low cost activities for holiday periods, child and infant massage courses.

An example of a family support package is shown here:

Parent Support Group

A total of 12 hours of group work consisting of one two hour session per week over a six week period. The sessions are provided by 2 trained and experienced parent group facilitators for up to 10 parents or carers.

This Parenting Support Group focuses on:

  • Emotional well being for child and parents.
  • Child development.
  • Effective communication within the family.
  • Setting limits and boundaries.
  • Roles and responsibilities within the home and children’s services.
  • Communication skills for working with staff from schools and social care.

Example of a session – Communication Skills

  • Welcome and Introductions.
  • Domestics and Group boundaries.
  • Communication – how do children/adults communicate?
  • Input communication pie chart.
  • Is what we see/hear of our children the reality or our perception of the situation – use optical illusion slides to illustrate the point.
  • VAK exercise – do you and your child match ~ if not strategies to help you enhance your communication with your child.
  • Aggressive/passive/assertive communication styles – what might be your child’s past experience of communication – how might they feel living with a parent who communicates in a different style?
  • I and you communication exercise.
  • Do and don’t communication exercise.
  • Additional communication tools.
  • Metaphor stories.
  • Broken record technique.
  • Visual communication techniques.
  • Allowing ‘take up time’.


  • Improved communication between parent and child, or parent and school.
  • Improved strategies and skills for managing behaviour.


  • Bespoke resources for home to support positive management of behaviour and development of skills.
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