Q: Where will the sessions take place?
A: At school or at home – depending on the arrangements agreed at the point when the service is commissioned.

Q: Will I be able to meet with a staff member before deciding on a package?
A: Yes: As part of the initial conversation (usually held over the phone), we will arrange to meet with the key person seeking to commission the service. We pride ourselves on providing a customer/client led service and so direct communication is important to us.

Q: How long will I be on the phone? (time is so pressured at school!).
A: We find it depends on the needs of the person making the call. We listen very carefully to make sure that we have understood the nature of the query and what is being sought. We expect you to do most of the talking, our role is to clarify and check we have understood your request and needs.

Q: If I can’t call Tuesday morning or Thursday afternoon is there other options?
A: You can try phoning at other times but we cannot guarantee that there will be someone there to take your call. You will be able to leave a message and someone will get back to you. Another option is to email: info@gemstones-education.co.uk

Q: We are having difficulties with the relationship between the school and the parents - how can Gemstones help to bridge that gap if we buy into a package?
A: Our approach is to support you and we can offer training, modelling of solution focused and structured conversations with parents.

Q: What if we sign up to a package and it’s not working for child, the family or us - will we be able to change to another package?
A: We are a service that prides itself on being flexible enough to accommodate a range of needs. We appreciate that sometimes best-laid plans do not work and so the important thing is to ask for a review of the plan.

Q: What proof do you have of these interventions working? (e.g. NLP).
A: We do not have a magic wand and know that if it was that easy you would already have found the solutions yourselves. We do though have many years of experience of using a wide range of strategies. It sometimes takes us a few attempts to find the solution that makes the difference; we just keep going until we find what works. Everyone is different and some people prefer certain strategies in preference to others: nothing is prescribed or pre-determined.

Q: Where do small primary schools find the money for these services?
A: Pupil premium is often used and we can help you evaluate impact and therefore value for money.

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