It only takes one (disruptive child) to affect a whole school
"The behaviour of one child in our school was so bad it was affecting the moral, focus and standards of the whole school. It affected everyone to such an extent that I was seriously considering giving up teaching for good. Then Gemstones were employed to resolve the issues. As the problems were resolved I rediscovered my passion for teaching and now enjoy it more than ever." - Teacher

It isn't just the individual children we help! By resolving their behavioural issues we help parents, teachers, as well as all of the pupils in the school. Raising Standards and expectations at the same time as reducing precious time and the associated costs.

By resolving a child's problems as part of their development process prevents potential costs being incurred to the wider community if left unchecked. (See the chart of Stakeholders in the welfare of our children).

We provide both Short Term and Longer Term solutions to cover all requirements.


We provide help to schools and individual teachers through our Solution focused staff support and development sessions.

These consist of elements such as:

  • Assessment - (Boxall Profile and CAF Strands) and Solution Action Planning Session
  • Guidance for establishing a Nurture Group or Special Class in Mainstream Cluster Setting
  • Cross Age Tutoring
  • and many more ...

Children and Young People

We directly help and support children through a variety of programes customised to suit their individual problems, needs and requirements.

Through both Short Term and Longer Term solutions, we tackle issues such as:

  • Low Self Esteem and Confidence as a Learner
  • School Phobia and Anxiety
  • Negative Feelings and Aggresssion
  • and many more ...

Families and Carers

Our family support programme enables us to work with the child and their issues within the family group.

Through both Short Term and Longer Term solutions, we are able to assist in such areas as:

  • Young Child with Eating/Feeding Difficulties
  • Parental Engagement
  • Individual Family Play and Support
  • and many more ...

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